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It’s hard to beat the size of some of the Texas ranches for sale.

September 21, 2016's possible you didn't know this but when you look at a map on a flat surface it's actually not an accurate description of what the world really looks like. You probably did know that for centuries now people have understood that the world is a globe, a round ball of rock, water, and matter that rotates at an incredible speed while it orbits the sun. Due to the high speed that the Earth rotates at, the poles actually flatten out because more of the mass is pushed towards the equator. To understand why this happens, think about what a tennis ball does when it gets hit really hard and how it morphs into a different shape. Somewhere along the way the Western world decided that they would use one type of map that someone created and they've been using it ever since. The problem with that map is that it doesn't accurately reflect what the world actually looks like because it takes a round surface and puts it on a flat page, enlarging some parts while decreasing others. For example, the continent of Africa is actually much larger than it looks on these maps and the US is actually quite smaller. The parts near the equator get made smaller and the parts near the poles get made larger.

The point here is simply to show that it's actually difficult to gain an appreciation for how big or small something is unless you're looking at it on a globe. This is why so many people underestimate the size of a state like Texas and why they overestimate the size of a state like Alaska. When it comes to Texas, it's actually quite a bit bigger than most people realize. You could take the entire northeast and stick it in there and you'd still have a little bit of room left over. This is why it also shouldn't be hard to understand that when it comes to size, it's hard to beat many of the Texas ranches for sale. Texas is a huge state, so it only makes sense that it would also have some of the largest ranches in the country. They have ranches there that span tens and tens of thousands of acres. There's so much room in the state that many cattle ranchers purchased huge swaths of land that they could use for their cattle. If you have a massive cattle herd, then a state like Texas is where you want to take them because it's going to be one of the only states with enough space. You might think many of the Montana ranches for sale would work also, but because of the many mountains in that state they actually don't work as well.

If you're a cattle rancher and you need the size of a Texas ranch, then you're going to need a great company to help you find one. In the Lone Star State, you're simply not going to be able to do any better than Mason & Morse Ranch Company.

Water rights are something you must consider when you’re looking at ranches for sale.

September 21, 2016

http://www.ranchland.comIt has recently started to come to the attention of world leaders, major corporations, and even the public that water is going to be a major issue going forward. In all reality, there may come a time when people have to start relocating from where they live because they can no longer gain access to clean drinking water. While that's likely fifty years or more away, the reality is that water is already an issue in many parts of the world. In Southeast Asia, for example, many people lack access to clean drinking water because too much water has been contaminated and because too many people are living too close to one another which is putting too much stress on the water resources in that area. In California, there are already huge water restrictions because there simply isn't enough water to go around for everything and because if water keeps being used like it is then it's going to run out sooner rather than later. The point of all of this is simply to show that water is a big deal already, and if people aren't willing to take the necessary steps to protect it then it could be an ever bigger issue down the road. If we don't conserve what water we have then we all might be in big trouble in the future.

Since water is playing such a prominent role in the world today it makes sense that when you're looking at ranches for sale you should be spending some time considering the water rights of the land you're thinking about buying. If you don't take some time to talk to local authorities about the issues surrounding water that that area deals with then it's quite possible you could end up buying a piece of land and not having access to the water that you need. It's also very possible that you could buy a piece of land with water on it that you're either not allowed to use or that has water restrictions. If you buy a ranch in Colorado, for example, it's quite possible that you're going to be told by local authorities that you have a certain amount of water that you can use each year and then you can't use anymore. This might greatly impact whether or not you buy that ranch, or whether or not you decide to turn that ranch into a cattle ranch. These are the kinds of questions you need to ask, whether you're looking at Montana, Oregon, or Texas ranches for sale.

If you aren't sure how you should approach the water question when it comes to buying a ranch then you need to work with Mason & Morse Ranch Company. With decades of experience in the industry, they'll be able to help you get in touch with the right people so you can ask the questions that you need to ask. They'll make sure that you're in touch with the right people so you can get answers about how your water rights will work once you've purchased the land.


June 23, 2016

In response to the massive number of inquirers from our readers concerning the current state of ranch properties, and how the average person can be sure they are getting the best ranch property, we have published this brief but telling article. The contents of this writing may be used as a guide for all those that are currently seeking a ranch property, and we hope that it is of some help to the many people who have written up in recent times to ask about the modern ranch property.

By way of addressing our most commonly asked question, we will first address the situation with Texas ranches for sale. There is no lack of excitement in Texas these days as there are hundreds of new ranch properties opening up each month. As of 2015, Texas has more ranches for sale than all three of the following states combined. The Texas ranch boom, as it is being called in the real estate world, started when a huge number of older ranches were purchased up by a local real estate mogul, who then redid the properties and put them out on the market as luxury ranch living. At the time, it was still very uncommon for large agencies to but ranch lands in order to fix up and resell, something which has become an industry standard today. What the majority of people in Texas want to know is; are these ranches worth their high price tags? The answer to the proceeding question is yes, the redone ranches are worth every penny of their asking price, and here is why. Redone ranches are selected because of the beauty of the land on which they are situated, so anytime a ranch is fixed up, it is because the property has a considerable amount of worth. The second reason why the fixed up ranches are worth the high prices for which they are typically sold is because of the fact that older ranches need a lot of work, and those costs are considerable, no matter if the new owner takes them on, or the real estate company that has purchased the land takes on the task. Not only in Texas either, is it becoming popular for larger companies to fix up older ranches. Sites such as,, have started to offer ranches they have fixed up from all across the country. Bigger companies selling off redone ranches is quickly becoming the industry norm today.

There is also a lot of doubt about ranches for sale by the state these days. There is a huge new trend in which the state government will offer older ranch properties at auction for the public. The reason why the state government has gotten involved is because they want to reduce the number of abandoned properties in their state. Remember that each empty property that a state possesses is a mark against that state’s quality of life ranking. The ranch lands that are offered by state governments are in fact a good investment for people on the market for a ranch, but only for those who are seeking to purchase a ranch to fix up on their own.


There are countless Colorado ranches for sale thanks to today’s real estate climate.

March 10, 2016

If you haven't seen the newly released movie titled "The Big Short", you should put it on your shortlist. The movie follows a handful of characters that determine, somewhat independently, that the housing market has been propped up on countless bad loans and that many of the homeowners in the country are going to default soon. They then decide to bet large sums of money against the housing market and when it does collapse, they make a good payday. They, of course, are somewhat torn by their windfall in cash as it is the result of homeowners losing their houses, but they couldn't do anything to prevent that so they capitalized on it. movie does a fantastic job of explaining exactly how the housing market collapsed. They go into great detail about the decisions that banks, lenders, homeowners and stock exchange companies were making, showing that these decisions were ultimately flawed and driven primarily by greed. It's interesting to finally gain a strong understanding of what led to such massive devaluation of real estate prices across the country. When this occurred in 2008 roughly, many people thought the housing market and real estate industry would never bounce back. Fortunately it has, and today's market is as strong as ever, with prices in most states on the rise once again. Yet again people can feel confident that purchasing a home is a strong investment, and that it will increase in value as the years go by.

This current real estate climate is the primary reason why so many ranches in Colorado are going up for sale. Colorado ranches for sale have increased in number over the past several years due to the rise in real estate prices. The value of property in Colorado is nearing an all-time high, but this isn't only in the Denver area. Property outside of the city and ranches in the mountains are also seeing this influx, and they are going for higher prices than ever before. The fact that the market is so strong now and has shown in the past to fluctuate pretty widely means that many of the people that own these ranches are trying to capitalize on their good fortune.

However, just because ranches for sale in Colorado are at all-time high prices doesn't mean that it's a terrible time to buy. In all likelihood these prime pieces of land are only going to continue to rise in prices for the next several decades. Thus, if you're considering buying a ranch in Colorado the fact that prices are high right now doesn't mean that you should shy away. In fact, if anything it means that you should try to buy as soon as you can. The sooner you buy a ranch in the state the more years you are going to have to watch it increase in value. If you're interested in buying a ranch reach out to Mason & Morse Ranch Company. They have decades of experience in the ranching industry in Colorado and will be able to help you find a great ranch that will increase in value in the coming years.

Ranches for Sale Can be Therapeutic

January 15, 2016

There are a lot of people all around the United States of America enjoy going on vacation or simply just having a moment to get away from their everyday house. This is just always going to be a fun time no matter where you are going to be going. You may find out a lot of times that there are going to be people who would much rather just have a recreational ranch that they own. This may be a spot that they go to in order to have some fun and get away from their everyday stresses in their own lives. At this very moment in time when you will be on the lookout for ranches for sale in your desired neighborhood so that you can purchase it.

There may be a certain part of the United States of America that you like to travel to in order to find that perfect ranch for sale. On the other hand there may actually be a particular place that is outside of the United States of America. The people who find these types of ranches for sale that you may really like to go to. In reality no matter what there are destinations all around you that you will have the option of choosing from. It is always a good idea to get into the habit of getting everywhere that is on your wish list at some point in your life. You would be able to find the most affordable ranch for sale that meets all of your needs. If not all of your needs then at least the majority of them would be met for the ranch for sale that you have been able to locate.

Well, to be honest with you, and the rest of the general public, there are actually a bunch of different kinds of people all around the world that are very willing to spend money. The things that they may like to spend money on may really vary. The truth is told that they would more than likely like to spend some of their money on the best things that they feel like they would be able to benefit from. This is something that you will literally be able to find to be actually very popular all around the world. A ranch for sale may actually be one of those vary things that you would want to be able to put a good chunk of your money towards. You will see that this is something that allows you to go to your happy place.

As you may be searching for these things you will see that they will want to get ahold of some things that are really interesting to them. This may be that they are some people who would much rather spend their money on something that they can physically see it going towards. So many people want to find the easiest way out of their expenses. There may be more than one that you will find.

Texas Ranches for Sale Are Increasing in Popularity

January 15, 2016

You may have had a couple of different moments in your life when you were looking for something that was really relaxing to you. It is also very possible that this was one of the things that you were trying to get ahold of someone who would be able to assist you with. The majority of the people in the United States of America will want to look for a Texas ranch for sale. The reason may be a little bit different from one of the family members to another. However, the main reason that they may be looking for this type of a place would be so that they can have a large open space for the entire family to be able to enjoy nature to the fullest.

As they are reaching the point of actually being able to find the best Texas ranch for sale in the neighborhood that they really enjoy, they will be able to see a light at the end of the tunnel. They will be able to see that a lot of people are going to have their own interests about the things that they would like the Texas ranch for sale to all include. The family will be a little bit different in size depending on the size of the Texas ranch for sale that they are looking at. It is also very likely that they will be able to see all of the things that they really have in common with one another.

Many people will decide that this is something that you may be able to enjoy during the night time hours when there is nothing else for you to do. It is always going to be a good time when you are going to be able to have a nice glass of wine and sit with your family in the hot tub. There are so many good health benefits that you would be able to take in during this fun time with your family in the hot tub. Have you ever taken a brief moment in time to think that this is one of the things that some of the Texas ranches for sale will include?

As a matter of fact you may want to take into consideration that this will be a little bit more as far as the money but it would be worth it. This is of course if this is something that is of interest to you. The only thing is that there will be some people, from all different kinds of areas of the world, who would much rather spend their money on something that they would be able to actually use for a place to sleep, eat, and have fun. There may also be a lot of different features that there will be made available to people. These will more than likely be the exact same people who are interested in having a good place for their times in their lives when they just need to get away from everyone else.

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